What is your Home styling routine.........

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What is your Home styling routine.........

Post  life_in_termoil on Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:04 pm

Mine IS going to be.........

Mon - Fri
7am shower, dressed, breakfast
7.30 - 8.30 Wake kids, get kids breakfast, load wm, walk kids and dog to school.
8.45 cuppa
9 - 10 clean kitchen and lounge
11 - 12 clean bathroom and toilet
12 - 1 clean a bedroom
1pm Lunch
1.30 - 2.30 unload dw and prepare tea

Sat - Sun
Have a lie in
clean kitchen
potter in garden
do online shop to be delivered the following sunday
clean out car
do some ironing

On the days where im not working I plan on finishing the decorating and sorting through all the clutter. (along with doing my daily tasks).

So how do you plan your day?

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Re: What is your Home styling routine.........

Post  froogs on Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:17 pm

My day is when it isn't holidays as things just have to get done when they get done when the children are home but normally.

Mon - Fri
7am - up, dressed, kids wake up and attempt to get dressed/get dressed. Brush their teeth, wash and do hair.
8 - breakfast, cuppa, quick look on internet and blogs, catch up with news.
8.40 - walk to school.
9 -10 household chores, cleaning and tidying.
10 - another internet cuppa break
10.30 - 11.30 study
11.30 - walk to pick youngest from nursery.
12.15 - lunch, tv, chat with DD
1-2.30 - play with DD, park, or garden.
2.30 - walk to get DD2
3.20 - homework, hear reading, chat, make DD's snack, probably ironing
5pm - prepare and begin to cook tea.... and dream for when it's 7pm to put my feet up and have some peace with DH.

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Re: What is your Home styling routine.........

Post  Anne on Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:55 am

Hee hee, routine Very Happy Don't think I had one really lol.

Today I was awake at 6am (just before really, because hubbie will sleep through anything, and the alarm doesn't stir him ar all, so I wake him up lol) I went out to the kitchen, put away last nights late wash up., Did the little bit that miraculously appears by the time morning arrives ???? Must be the elves lol. Made lunch for one of my daughters. made myself a cuppa and went back to bed until 7.30am. I wasn't idle though. I did some reading and journalling :-)

From 7.30am it was anybody's game. I get an early morning call from my SIL every morning so spoke to her for a short while !! Put a joint of beef in the slow cooker. Then I text a couple of lovely ladies I've been listening to and praying with. Did some idling on the comp lol had breakfast. Waited for my Asda shopping to arrive, then put it away when it did :-)

At 11am my eldest came round, and we went up the town together. Popped up to put some flowers on my sons grave, then went and had soup, bread rolls, my daughter had tea and I had a cappo, in a local cafe. Did some shopping.

The afternoon, I'm ashamed to say, I played around on the computer. Dug my blog back out and updated it, signed up on here, and checked out other chat on the MSE OS site.

About 5pm I got on with the roast. I had family coming for dinner, and it was lovely, and we had a great time together. Now I'm messing about on here and various other sites, doing some knitting, watching the tele, and wondering how tomorrow is going to pan out, because it's heading towards being a hectic one lol :-)

Anne x

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Re: What is your Home styling routine.........

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