Have we any musicians?

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Have we any musicians?

Post  Aisles on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:03 pm

umongst us and if so do you get much time to practise?

When I was 'younger' I used to be part of a band musican and singer.

I still play guitar now I own 4 Embarassed

I have also sung in a gospel choir.

I still play and sing with the girls every now and then. In fact we have band practise next week and as I'm the only one with any 'Sound Desk' knowledge I will have to set us all up do all the sould level checks as well.

I play for church most sundays and when I'm not playing I'm on Sound Desk Duties.

I really don't practise much now adays Sad There was a time I would practise and play 3-4time's a week.

No one else in my family plays an instrument except my FIL who play piano but only to himself.

I taught myself at the age of 15years I could read basic music and still can but also 'play by ear.'

So I was wondering does any one else play an instrument or sing or are they learning or do you encourage your children in that area?

How are you finding it? etc etc Very Happy

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Re: Have we any musicians?

Post  TP on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:40 pm

my oh used to be in an am dram group and a local theatre group that did pantomimes. So he did plenty of singing. He was also part of a cabaret that went round singing. Over the years he has done alot of major musicals and pantos. A very good hobby. He loved being on stage etc.

I would love to have been able to sing well and or play an instrument but I dont.

Think i tried the recorder and violin at school along with everyone else? Very Happy


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Re: Have we any musicians?

Post  pipling on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:47 pm

I had a few years of keyboard/piano lessons when I was a teenager, so I can read music and play simple tunes, I also took and passed GCSE music. Although I haven't played in years, I intend on getting a piano when we get a bigger house and teaching DD.

I did play bass guitar (VERY badly I hasten to add!) When I was in my teens, and my friends and I would gather for band practice in a garage. We could just about get through a few Sex Pistols/Nirvana/Green Day numbers Laughing

I cannot sing a single note but wish I could. I once auditioned for the school choir, I was the only person who was turned down because my voice was so bad! Embarassed

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Re: Have we any musicians?

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