Biting my nails here...

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Biting my nails here...

Post  Aisles on Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:10 am

..... as yesterday I fixed a second petrol leak on my car so now I'm runing out of fuel hose Laughing

But what's has me biting my nails is I've allowed DH to drive my car the 20miles to his place of work to day.

Last time he borrowed one of my sports cars he smashed the front end in. Rolling Eyes

Time before that a part of a tree fall down onto the road while he was driving part of the tree bits hit the car and damaged my paintwork while another bit split my bumper and killed my radiator. That time thankfully I was able to order a new radiator for delivery the next day and change it myself while a lovely guy from the car club gave me his bumper off his car (he was puting a aftermark bumper on) and I just had to pay to have the bumper sprayed the correct colour and for the hatch back and spoiler to be resprayed.

It's not that he's not used to the power or the fact its Rear Wheel Drive it's just mine's bigger than his and to make it worse he's taken my auto version not my manual version as my manual version was blocked in on the driveway by 'adopted' daughters two cars. Rolling Eyes

You see he doesn't seem to do too well when driving my car so I'm just praying he returns it in one piece and undamaged this time.


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Re: Biting my nails here...

Post  flibsey on Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:51 pm

good luck Aisles!!!!

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