love to help lol

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love to help lol

Post  flibsey on Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:56 pm

well I made progress today. I normally have a major problem where I say yes to helping people, even if I know it's something I'll struggle with, and then get bogged down and ill again. today my friend Leah asked me if I'd hem some net curtains for her and I actually said NO.

hemming nets makes me feel so angry that I break stuff, and it basically makes me want to hurt things. I pointed out to her if she comes to my house she will see nets too long for windows that are kind of rolled up on themselves, and even an unhemmed net in the kitchen where the raw edge is hidden by stuff on the windowsill!! she's never noticed, so I must be good at my deception hahahahaha!!

then her hubby (also my friend) said "I'll give it a go if I can get hold of a machine to do it on"... he used to sew as a way out of depression and drugs!!! apparently if he was sewing, he could ignore cravings! he's been clean 11 years now, amazing man. it's just another thing I didn't know about him lol. bear in mind this is a tattooed "hard" essex man with a missing front tooth from a fight and an almost skinhead hair-do who works as a roofer, DJs at raves and an online radio company in his spare time and is very much one of the boys.

it's just not a hobby I thought I'd see him have, but he went round their house showing me all his accomplishments! cushions, curtains, a hot water bottle cover each for his wife and their two daughters... when he feels crap he either DJs a set online, fixes something or sews!

I offered him the use of one of my machines (I own 3) and basically he gave me a lift home, picked up the machine and has gone on his merry way to sew net curtains lol.

I also gave him a pack of Schmetz light-weight needles (the mutt's nuts of the sewing world) and told him so long as he's doing the sewing, I can be on hand to help with threading, tension etc.

I am amazed at my friend's accomplishments and just so proud of myself for saying no hahahahahaha!!!

are you proud of yourself for something today?

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Re: love to help lol

Post  alec eiffel on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:18 pm

My father is a very manly man too but he is excellent at weaving. My parents still use a tray he wove when he was at school! When I was doing my textiles A level he built me a loom and he wove some fantastic hangings on that too.

I class myself as very lucky, I have no problem saying no. I don't so much say "no" as "are you seriously asking me that?" Dan is a people pleaser though, he gets it from his mum. Doesn't make them happy and people just take advantage of their nature. He is learning to not say "yes" as an automatic response though.

Veering off topic but there you go.

alec eiffel

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Re: love to help lol

Post  TP on Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:50 am

good for you flibsey. It will get easier now to say it.


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Re: love to help lol

Post  stiltwalker on Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:33 am

The big, butch, leathers wearing, 20 odd stone, biker father of a friend of mine at primary school made her and her sister bridesmaid dresses for a family wedding! So your friend is not he only one out there. My dad can also sew as he was so skinny as a teenager and his mother wouldn't take the legs of his jeans in to make them drainpipe jeans (he was buying the drainpipe ones, they were just normal ones on him though Laughing ).

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Re: love to help lol

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