What are you up to today...its Saturday!

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What are you up to today...its Saturday!

Post  lollyfin on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:35 pm

Well my weekend away didnt quite work out so well
We went, it was grey and raining and cold and yuck
We were taking the dogs out for a walk and i slipped, not a little slip but a huge seen on TV kind of slip, both feet went up in the air and i landed flat on my back on the muddy grass. It did knock the wind out of me completely, 5 stars to OH tho he helped me up and didnt start laughing until I did, it was really really funny Laughing
I had to pretty much strip before i got in the caravan as i was so filthy. OH decided after that that we would as well be sitting at home in the rain etc than in our caravan so we packed up and came home (its only just over an hour away)
So today i am getting my washing done and tidying up and have no idea what else as we werent supposed to be here, but i think we will go out somewhere
Have a good day everyone

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Re: What are you up to today...its Saturday!

Post  alec eiffel on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:52 pm

Yikes, that fall sounds pretty spectacular! Hope you're ok other than being winded.

We're having a slouchy day, well I say that but we've done a few bits and bobs. We had a bit of a lie in, got up at about 8.30, had breakfast then did some tidying (I got the short straw and had to clamber into the bunny pen). The grocery budget is looking quite small so we went to the supermarket and picked some stuff up so I can batch cook til the end of the month. We're now eating apple and cherry crumble (Dan made it *yum*) and watching the football. Tonight we're watching some rugby then will probably put some music on or something like that.

It's rainy and grey here too but we drove back by the sea and it looked gorgeous so never too bad. Have a good day everyone.

alec eiffel

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Re: What are you up to today...its Saturday!

Post  flibsey on Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:45 am

I went to the hospital this morning for my pre-admission assessment. hubby who was on nights last night and who had been up for 20 hours had a nap in the car while i did hospital things. no way to get thee without a car unless i fancied taking a taxi which would be horrifically expensive. he insisted!

got home, jim went into bed and soph and I had some cheese on toast., and I then cleaned the bathroom and de-moulded the caulking while she watched a tom and jerry dvd.

then soph and i went to town on foot to pick up the shelving unit I reserved at argos last night. I didnt realise it'd be quite as heavy as it is; 16.5kg! glad I took the foldable sack barrow to get the bugger home! also picked up a cupboard organisation thingummy.

got home, cleaned the kitchen, sorted out cupboards, mopped the floor and then stood on a stool while it dried and cleaned out and organised the big larder. the organisation thing from argos consists of a corner plate stand and two wire half-height shelves which is great for my canned food and baking cupboards. hopefully I wont keep losing my tins of tuna and my cornflour now!

I'm also defrosting things to do some batch cooking tomorrow for when i have had the op. we only own le creuset saucepans, a cast iron skillet and a fairly heavy frying pan so i wont be able to lift any of the buggers after weds for 2 weeks!

oh, and I put a white load on a hot wash with a prewash after cleaning out the washing machine drawer. once that's done I'll be sticking on a pink/red load. the joy of living in a house with a little girl who's school uniform is red and favorite colour for "mufti" clothing is pink.

I also reverse dyed my favorite blue top after getting some bleach on it. reverse dying means dunking in bleach solution and allowing to develop lol. it's now a fetching shade of purple; equally pretty. I wasn't too bothered because it came from the newlook facebook group £1 sale this summer lol.

and I just constructed the flatpack shelves.


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Re: What are you up to today...its Saturday!

Post  stiltwalker on Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:21 am

Well I officially have a melty brain! I've been to my OU revision tutorial day today and it was good but hard work. OH had the kids on his own all day for the first time and they were mostly good for him. I braved primark after the tutorial as once I was in Leeds I might as well and it was as vile as I was expecting on a Saturday! Did get a good lot of clothes for the kids though and DD had a wonderful time sorting through her booty when I got back. Picked up fish and chips on the way back from the train station so easy tea and a nice treat.

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Re: What are you up to today...its Saturday!

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